Advocacy for Students with Special Needs

Knowledge. Understanding. Support.

Through private case management, you can secure effective educational planning and advocacy services for children and young adults with special needs, their families, and caregivers. 


Midwest's Goal.

In every interaction, we aim to identify needs and build a highly personalized care plan that empowers individuals with a maximum level of independence and overall quality of life. This includes maximizing services that are available through school and vocational agencies.


Midwest is Committed to the Success of All Children.

  • We bring extensive knowledge of special education law and services.
  • We understand the educational needs of children with disabilities.

  • We have deep experience in working with families, school districts, and professionals from around the state.


Midwest Education Advocacy Services.

  • Review of school programming and placement (document review)

  • Attendance at IEPs and all school meetings

  • Collaboration with schools, private agencies, and professionals

  • Consultations with legal teams, guardians, parents, and families

  • Supplementation of school services with individualized home, private supports

  • On-going case management and oversight of all services

  • Referrals and information on guardianship process

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