Individuals with a Serious Mental Illness

The effects of a serious mental illness can be devastating to the individual and their family.  Families must often deal with trying to help a loved one who does not believe they have a mental illness and won't accept treatment such as psychotropic medication.  Midwest Care Management Services helps in these situations by:


  • Developing trusting relationships with individuals with mental illness
  • Employing techniques to increase psychotropic medication compliance
  • Recommending care plans that will increase independence while ensuring an individual is safe
  • Coordinating all mental health care including by personally attending psychiatry appointments if necessary
  • Assessing an individual for potential harm to self and others and pursuing involuntary hospitalization by completing a petition and certificate
  • Determining if it is necessary to pursue involuntary placement through mental health court
  • Finding the appropriate placement for an individual including group home placements and intermediate care facilities
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